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We need your help!  To run a great event, we need to many, many volunteers.  We need volunteers to check player and umpire credentials.  We need volunteers to serve as ushers for the finals matches.  We need volunteers to help get the word out about the event.  We need volunteers to help recruit more volunteers!  

Credentials Check

We need a number of people to check player and official's credentials throughout the week.  The tournament will be providing an Umpire's Lounge as well as a Player's Lounge.  These areas must be manned to ensure that only credentialed players and officials may enter these areas (this is primarily to avoid general public access to players/officials to preserve the intregrity of the sport and reduce the potential for corruption.

Each shift will last 3 hours (make sure to bring a book)!  We have more than 20 shifts, so we need a lot of help!

Sign up for a shift through this google form.


We will be transporting players and officials to and from the official hotel, the Oak Tree Inn, throughout the day.  Would you be willing to drive one of our 15 seat passenger vans?  We will have two daily 5 hour driving shifts.


We will have a number of of people required to properly serve our visiting players and officials.  We will need volunteers to serve and clear daily meals for officials.  We will need officials to check-in tournament participants and issue credentials and information packets.  We will need ushers to help people to their assigned seats during the finals matches.  And a lot, lot more.  

Can you help?  Email us now!


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