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Would you be willing to allow a player to stay at your home?  Many of these players are trying to save every nickle and dime because their travel expenses are so high and prize money is not enough to cover their expenses.  Travelling the tour is very expensive, but is necessary for young players with dreams of making it on the ATP or WTA tour.  Staying with a family reduces money otherwise spent on hotel rooms, and can create long lasting friendships. 

If you host a player, you will help out a young player and have someone to watch and cheer for not only in this tournament but perhaps in future Grand Slams as well.


- Player should get their own room (not have to share with a family member)

- Player should be able to use bathrooms & showers and be provided fresh towels/linen.

- Meals may be offered to player, but that is not necessary.

- Transportation may be offered to the player (i.e. driving, picking-up the player to/from the site or lending the player a family car), but again is not necessary

Things to know:

- You may specify you only will only house a female or male player, specify a preference, or take either.

- You may house more than one player as long as you have a separate bedroom for each player

- Some players will be very friendly and sociable and may like to spend time with your family including sharing meals, going to movies, etc.

- Other players may prefer to stick to themselves and you may wind up having very little interaction with the player (i.e. they leave early in morning and return late).

- You should respect the wishes of your players - however, you are under no obligation to provide more than simply a place to sleep if that is your desire or you are otherwise busy with work, kids, etc.

Common Questions:

When will my player arrive and how long will they stay?

Players in the qualifying event will be arriving March 9th and 10th with play to begin on March 11th.  Some players may depart as soon as they are eliminated from the tournament (i.e. Monday or Tuesday).  Others may wish to stay throughout the week and practice and not want to leave until their next tournament.  You can place limits on how long a player may stay.  That is your decision.

What if my player is misbehaving or I don't want them to stay anymore?

Most players are serious athletes or are disciplined, determined and not likely to cause any problems.  However, you may ask any player to leave or ask the housing coordinator to ask that player to leave.  That is your prerogative.

Where will my player come from - California, U.S. or International?
Players will be coming from all over the world, and we will try to provide housing to those who request it.  If you have any restrictions on whom you would like to house, you may tell the housing coordinator.

To get an ideas of where the players are coming from, see the entry lists.

Men's Entry List  |  Women's Entry List

Are you ready to house a player?  Email us now!

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